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Our World, Our Way

Fernhill Park is a beautiful and historic park in the Germantown section of Philadelphia with approximately 50 acres of land that serves as home to a diverse population of trees, two baseball fields, state-of the art basketball courts (full) featuring fiberglass backboards and pole padding, two playgrounds, community food forest and flower gardens, walking trails, picnic pavilions and more. It is a sanctuary for a large number of bird species and other wildlife, and a  special place to the surrounding neighbors and elementary schools. With your help, we intend to create a greater area that compliments our way of life and provide opportunities to grow. 

Image by Oakville News


Operation New Playground

The heart of our park, our children's playground has gifted us joyful play for over two decades and is scheduled to be torn down due to safety issues with no plan in place for a new one. We have been lobbying our elected officials but to no avail. As we wait for the city to help we are asking neighbors to donate time & talent by serving on our playground fundraising committee or by gifting a financial donation of any size. Updates will be provided at the park friends group monthly meetings (1st Tuesday 7PM)


Operation Food Forest

We humbly request financial donations of any size to fund projects to install fencing to protect plants/trees from groundhogs and deer, fertilizer and other soil amendments, as well as seeds/seedlings/saplings. 

We are so grateful for the loving support of Philadelphia Orchard Project, Wissahickon Charter School, Germantown Friends School, Weavers Way, Philadelphia Botanical Society, and PowerCorps PHL!

Cherry Tree
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Operation Mother's Day Picnic

 Mothers are the backbone of our Friends Group, our community and our lives, and we'd like to celebrate them accordingly! Partner with our award-winning event planner led team to produce an event they'll never forget featuring live music + stage, Kids talent show, Vip MOM lounge area, kids zone with professional sitters, games, bounce house and toddler soft play, food trucks and non-alcoholic bar.  


Purpose Partnership

In an effort to address the ongoing needs of the park, we are inviting anyone interested in partnering with us through a monthly contribution to sign up to our patroen account. You will receive a receipt that can be used for tax deduction purposes. 

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